New Book “Lumi Weeps,” is on the way! Yahoo!

Part 2 of the series The Blue Planet is ready to publish! I’m so excited, as it took awhile to get this story told.

Lumi Weeps is the story after Moonpeople that takes us on a journey of what has become of the descendants of Tallon and Kaima. Who are they and what have they become?

Lumi Weeps is five stories over the time that tell the stories of those descendants. It begins in 36BC Egypt with The Centurian, to Xia, a girl, in 1211AD, China, to The Painter in 1470AD, Peru, to Mohawk in 1773AD, America, to Freedom’s Sorrow in 1850AD, Africa.

I hope you will enjoy these unique stories of when humans make contact with other humans!