Meet The Author

D. Hamilton-Reed is not your typical writer. She came about it the only way she knew, and that was to sit down one day and start writing.

An avid reader, crime show watcher, history lover and science buff she has always enjoyed writing, and off and on throughout her years she has attempted a novel or two along the way.

With a love of life and observation stories began to brim in her head. Especially, when she realized with a keen understanding that life was just as unexpected as anything she could imagine, her imagination soared.

As in life, her stories reflect that an ordinary moment can change a life in the most unexpected way. It could be as simple as a smile, attending a Christmas party, or wearing a pencil skirt that can set in motion events her characters never see coming.

Her stories are open, honest, raw, full of twists and turns, and along the way lots of satisfying, soul-stirring, deep love and gratifying encounters of an intimate nature, (hot and steamy for sure).

She has five novels, “Lumi Weeps”, “The Smile”, “Royce”, “A Love Familiar” and “Moon People” available on Amazon and Kindle.