Rune Awakes is in the works!

I’m working on Book 3 in the Blue Planet Series. Lumi Weeps, Book 2, is available on Amazon and Kindle. You can get it now before Rune Awakes is released. Rune Awakes takes place from present day to the future of world. How has mankind fared, and what about the Tyrinnians? They’ve vowed to come to Earth for thousands of years, but so far have not succeeded. What about man, what is the one thing he is good at? Find out in Rune Awakes!

Lumi Weeps is Available!

My latest novel, Lumi Weeps, is now available on Amazon and Kindle. Get your tissues ready on this one! The novel is part 2 in the series The Blue Planet, and it delves into the evolution of mankind from that small tribe that left Africa 70,000 years ago, crossing the Bilen Sea. All peoples of the earth are ancestors of that small tribe, and all people have the ability to be kind or cruel. These 5 stories over time in our history tell us what we’ve chosen more. Enjoy, and let me know what you think by contacting me at my website, www.dhamiltonreed.com

New Book “Lumi Weeps,” is on the way! Yahoo!

Part 2 of the series The Blue Planet is ready to publish! I’m so excited, as it took awhile to get this story told.

Lumi Weeps is the story after Moonpeople that takes us on a journey of what has become of the descendants of Tallon and Kaima. Who are they and what have they become?

Lumi Weeps is five stories over the time that tell the stories of those descendants. It begins in 36BC Egypt with The Centurian, to Xia, a girl, in 1211AD, China, to The Painter in 1470AD, Peru, to Mohawk in 1773AD, America, to Freedom’s Sorrow in 1850AD, Africa.

I hope you will enjoy these unique stories of when humans make contact with other humans!

Love the Support for Moon People!

Thanks to everyone who has read Moon People! It’s an unusual story, and I love the acceptance of it. Just wait until you see where it goes. I’m currently working on book 2!

Hopefully I’ll publish this year, that’s my goal!

Again, thanks so much!

Moon People, 4th Novel is up!

Just published 4th novel, titled “Moon People.”

It takes place 70,000 years ago when man had settled down, and became hunter gatherers. A tribe in Africa, called the Nuba People, has welcomed in seven strange men, who are battered, bruised and need their help. The only thing they know about the men is they walked across the Land of Unknown Spirits.

They have no idea how this one act will change their lives and the fate of humanity.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Just Published 3rd Novel!

Excitement is in the air! I just published 3rd novel on Amazon and Kindle. I hope you will enjoy. This book is the first in a trilogy, so I didn’t spill all the beans in this one!  This story is one family’s journey through history and how decisions made in the past can come back to sabotage future generations! Beware history repeats itself! Haven’t we heard that before, and in this case it does!

Read, “A Love Familiar”, a story that takes you back to 15th century Europe.  It’s not gothic, Victorian or straight out medieval, so don’t expect that. Of course, it has a lot historical elements in it, but mostly it’s about the Cortland family, and how one event (like the death of your parents) can change a family forever!

Close to publishing 3rd novel!

I’m excited, my 3rd novel is in the editing process.  It is a four part series about the saga of one family with a history of marrying within the family.  The problems it causes, how society accepts or rejects it, and the big question.  Is it in the blood, have they woven this lust for one another into their genes?


Love the reviews!

Thanks to everyone who have read my work!  I’m excited as a first time writer to know that when someone chooses my novels they are glad they did!  I enjoy writing, and I intend to keep writing as long as I have interesting stories to tell.

My website is up!

I’m excited my website is up!  If anyone wants to contact me about anything, just let me know.  Also, I will update Royce on The Nook. The Smile is on its’ way! I’m doing some editing and trying to shorten it, but so far, no go!  I still love every word of that story.  I can only tell the story of Melanie and Assad as it is.  Sorry it’s long, but it came out that way!

Writing, writing, writing or not!

April 28, 2016


Started my third novel a few weeks ago.

The writing is going slow, as I’m so busy with life stuff.  But in my head the novel is going well.  If I can just get it written down.

The third novel has a bit of science fiction in it, which I love to explore.  It’s a love story of course, but for now, since it’s in the early stages I don’t want to say too much.  But once I get a few chapters in and know how the novel  is shaping up I will share as much as I can.