“Love is the key to un-lock the passion of your soul.”



I believe love and desire will make people do things they never thought themselves capable of.

In my books, I want to capture that… an ordinary meeting, a look, a smile and the soul awakens, stirs. From that point, no one knows what will happen, not even the writer sometimes.

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“Lumi is weeping, Nyah. Lumi is weeping at what has become of us.”

Tendaji, Freedom’s Sorrow

“If you are men. Prove it! Go out, hunt! Bring back what Rune provides. If not you will not mate, nor become Nuba!”

Chief Negasi

“We were just trying to make something beautiful of our love. What would I have done without Kylan?”

Queen Bethanny Cortland-Antwan

“What were they thinking? … I needed protection from Joy. If anything she needed protection from me.”

Royce Harrington

“Desire will make you do crazy things, like kidnap a woman and take her back to your palace.”

General Assad of Alman

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“Royce” front cover image compliments of Masquerade Mask Shop.
Photos by: Larry Fleming Photography.